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Discussion of book genres and special deals on my books

3 years ago


Music is a big part of my inspiration process in writing. Artists like Rihanns, Beyonce, Lady GaGa & Katy Perry inspire every aspect of my work. If it;s possible, I will be uploading Azalea's Pride in Three weeks, just when I finish working. I hope you guys like it.



3 years ago

Scandals & Seduction (Pt.2)

Okay, I kmow I said last month that I was going to upload the continuation for Scandals & Seduction, that doesn't seem possible. In fact, I doubt I'll be able to upload anything until September. I start working on the 2nd of August, and I'll be working six days a week so I really won't have time to type anything extra in my books. Sorry.

3 years ago

New Book in Progress...


I've been working a lot the past couple of weeks to write another book (vampires and everything preternatural.) I'm hitting bumps and stop signs very often which is very, very crappy. Just bear with me. As promised Azalea's Pride will be up next month.

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